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gastropathia therapy - The Advantages

Fully Automatic Therapeutic Massager and gastropathia therapy - Lekomat For Acupuncture. Sagittal diameter was related to MSNA burst frequency (p<0.005) in the EA group. No correlation was found for body mass index and MSNA in the exercise group. There were no differences between the groups in hemodynamic, endocrine, and metabolic variables.

The acupuncture group reported significantly less pain, nausea, and vomiting compared to the control group. Mean cumulative piritramide consumption was significantly lower in the acupuncture group (25.0 mg) than in the metamizole group (34.5 mg) and the control group (55.2 mg).

Once the diagnosis is made and a treatment plan developed, the actual acupuncture process involves placing very thin stainless steel needles into the point. The needles are not inserted deeply, although the depth of the insertion does depend on the desired response.

Physical well- being improved by 28.6% to 71.4% and social well-being improved by 4.4% to 75% in half of the patients, emotional well-being improved by 25% to 57.2% in three patients, functional well-being improved by 16.7% to 35.3% in two patients, fatigue sub-scale improved by 10% to 56.5% in three patients.

Simply stated, electroacupuncture, also known as micro-current stimulation, is a faster, easier, cheaper, safer and do-it-yourself way to experience all of the benefits of acupuncture, without the needles.

One of the most severe drawbacks to many microcurrent stimulators is lack of control over current polarity. The Law of Polarity is a universal principle of biology and physics that requires effective energy stimulation to the human body to be accord with its natural polarization.

Let's say for instance, in order to stimulate the pressure points, an electro-acupuncture along with the application of pulsating electrical currents is employed as well as the use of laser applying a laser beam to pressure points instead of needles.

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